(Mohanlal)Malayalam New Action Movie Romantic Movies Thriller Family Movie New Upload 1080

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(Mohanlal)Malayalam New Action Movie Romantic Movies Thriller Family Movie New Upload 1080

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Swanthamevide? Bandhamevide? (transl. Where is own? where is relation?) is a 1984 Indian Malayalam-language family drama film directed by J. Sasikumar and written by S. L. Puram Sadanandan from a story by Sasikumar. The film is about the issues cropping up inside a family after the marriage of two sons. Mohanlal, Jose Prakash, Swapna, Lalu Alex, Menaka, and Adoor Bhasi appears in major roles. The film features music composed by Johnson
Madhavan Nair, a lorry driver is loyal and honest to his master Keshava Panicker. In return, Panicker offers him a lorry, and a house in which to stay along with his family consisting of Lakshmi, his wife and two sons. With time, Madhavan Nair turns into a rich businessman who owns several buses, automobile workshops, and trucks. Balachandran, his elder son runs his business, while Rajendran, younger son is of carefree nature, who is also in his final years in college.

Rajendran fells in love with Usha, Panicker's daughter, while Balachandran is in love with Indu, daughter of Varma, an old feudal family, who had lost all his wealth with time. With the consent of parents, both Rajendran and Balachandran marry and their hearts throb. But life turns more troublesome after the marriage.

Both Indu and Usha get into petty quarrels leading to serious clashes inside the house. Things even get out of hand with both the brothers getting into physical fights in front of the parents. In such a fight between Rajendran and Balan, Madhavan Nair and Lakshmi interfere, but accidentally, the blow hit on Lakshmi's head, leading to her death, shocking everyone.
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